Achieving reliable pain change scores forindividuals in the postoperative phase: carefullychoose sampling density, test length, andadministration mode

Despite tremendous efforts to increase the reliability of pain measures and other self-report instruments, improving or evenevaluating the reliability of change scores has been largely neglected. In this study, we investigate the ability of 2 …

A combination of pain indices based on momentary assessments can predict placebo response in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

A Step Towards a Better Understanding of Pain Phenotypes: Latent Class Analysis in Chronic Pain Patients Receiving Multimodal Inpatient Treatment

**Purpose:** The number of non-responders to treatment among patients with chronic pain (CP) is high, although intensive multimodal treatment is broadly accessible. One reason is the large variability in manifestations of CP. To facilitate the …

High resolution, field approaches for assessing pain: ecological momentary assessment