HARMONY training schools

The COST Action HARMONY, devoted to make statistical tools for test evaluation and disease prevalence estimation more accessible, does some training schools (online and hybrid) over the summer. Check it out here.

New publication: PPV and NPV for continous and ordinal tests

Many diagnostic tests get dichotomized when calculating the positive and negative predictive value in a clinical setting - this is obviously a loss of information that could be avoided. In this paper, i extended the rationale of the ppv and npv to continous and ordinal scales, so you can get a more fine-grained assessment.

Using Bayes theorem to estimate positive and negative predictive values for continuously and ordinally scaled diagnostic tests

**Objectives:** Positive and negative predictive values (PPV/NPV) are frequently reported to put estimates of accuracy of a diagnostic test in clinical context and to obtain risk estimates for a given patient taking into account baseline prevalence …

Scoring Depression on a Common Metric: A Comparison of EAP Estimation, Plausible Value Imputation, and Full Bayesian IRT Modeling

There are a growing number of item response theory (IRT) studies that calibrate different patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures, such as anxiety, depression, physical function, and pain, on common, instrument-independent metrics. In the case of …