H2O Health Outcomes Observatory

Patients‘ health is often recorded by purely using clinical data from the physician’s perspective. However, the physician‘s view on a patient‘s disease often does not fully cover all information necessary to determine the patients actual health status and experience, and hence quality of life. Health outcome observatories can bridge this information gap by providing patients with necessary tools to report their health outcomes in a standardised way.

The overal aim of the H20 project is to develop and create health outcome observatories in four countries (Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Austria) and initially for three different disease areas: diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer. H2O will develop approriate outcome sets focusing on patient-reported outcomes (PROs). This approach might empower patients in their own healtcare. Moreover, establising health outcome observatatories across Europe might lead to the overall improvement of care delivery and use of resources.

We cooperate with 23 university and industrial partners from allover Europe. For the design and implementation of the technical architecture of the H2O project, we closely work with all partners in the project. The H2O project receives funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).