Research on Digital Interventions for Anxiety Recognized by DGPPN

Yves' work on the effectiveness of digital interventions for anxiety disorders has been recognized by the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Neurology (DGPPN). Yves received the award for his abstract, “The robustness of the efficacy of digital interventions for anxiety: an umbrella review and multiverse meta-analysis,” which was presented at the annual conference of the DGPPN. The study involved a meta-review of the existing literature on digital interventions for anxiety and an analysis of the entire multiverse of all possible meta-analyses that could be conducted on this research question.

The results of the study suggest that digital interventions could be an effective treatment option for anxiety disorders, but several problems within this literature were identified—including the presence of publication bias and low-quality studies. This work adds to the growing body of research on the use of technology in mental health treatment.

Great success, Yves! Congrats!