Conference contribution: Monotonic polynomials to model flexible item response curves

A nice thing about virtual conferences is that talks can be easily recorded and shared after the conference.

At last years PHO i presented a work i did with my colleague Carl Falk from McGill University in Montreal. We fitted a semiparametric IRT model to the PROMIS Wave 1 Physical Function data and compared it to the commonly used Graded Response Model. The title of the talk is “Monotonic polynomials to model flexible item response curves for PROMIS Physical Function” and you can find the abstract here.

Looking at this talk now, i feel i should rehearse more thoroughly the next time to be a bit more on point! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this.

Felix Fischer
Felix Fischer
Group Leader Psychometrics and Health Outcomes

Psychologist with a weakness for quantitative data analysis