Looking back to 2020

2020 has been a most unusual year for everybody. Find some of the highlights from the top of my head below:

  • Team members We had quite some turnover in the group, with some people leaving our group, some switching roles and some new members. Everybody settled in quite well already and i’m confident we’ll be running some successful projects in 2021!
  • Going virtual We transitioned to a more virtual work environment, which worked remarkably well in day to day work, teaching and international collaboration! Our christmas celebration had some room for improvement, though.
  • A special experience was co-chairing the virtual annual PROMIS Conference, which was quite a success. Nonetheless, I’m still hoping to go to Banff in person in 2021!
  • Virtual Brainstorming days Inspired through the QUEST Spokes project, we had virtual brainstorming days to discuss our goals and the ways we collaborate. A rewarding experience that had some impact on the way we run things.
  • Top-tier publication in JAMA: I was lucky to contribute some bootstrapping code to a JAMA publication within the DEPRESSD project. A neat experience!

Looking forward to 2021 now!

Felix Fischer
Felix Fischer
Group Leader Psychometrics and Health Outcomes

Psychologist with a weakness for quantitative data analysis