Recommendations for empowering early career researchers to improve research culture and practice

I had the pleasure to take part in a consensus workshop, which brought together 54 invited experts from 20 countries with extensive experience in ECR initiatives designed to improve the culture and practice of science.

Alizé Rogge and Gregor Liegl are SPOKES Fellows

Congrats! Alizé Rogge and Gregor Liegl have been selected by the QUEST Center to become SPOKES Fellows 2022. Their project is to develop a concept to provide advice about use and implementation of patient-reported outcome measures at the Charité.

Conrad Harrison visits Patient Centered Outcomes Group

Conrad Harrison visits our group in June. He won a grant from the Oxford Berlin Alliance to establish the Oxford-Berlin Partnership for Enhancing Measurement in Clinical Trials to deliver advances in clinical trial measurement.

New publication: Frequently Used Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures of General Physical Function Were Highly Correlated With a Multi-Task Performance Outcome (PerfO) Test Battery

Gregor Liegl just published a new study investigating the concordance between patient-reported physical function and the results of actual physical performance tests. Find the publication here!

LaufPROfis finish 5x5 Teamstaffel in 2:22:58

Our group took part in the 5x5 Teamstaffel at Tiergarten yesterday. We did the 25k in 2:22:58 and finished as the 1719th team.

Alimertcan Köse visits Patient Centered Outcomes Group

Alimertcan Köse visits our group in April and May for a Short Term Scientific Mission in the COST Action Harmony. He will work on modeling diagnostic tests such as the PHQ-9 with Bayesian Latent Class Models.

Alexander Obbarius was selected as BIH Digital Clinician Scientist

Alexander Obbarius applied successfully for a position as Digital Clinician Scientist with a project aiming to develop a innovative app to prevent pain chronification! Congrats! Details about the programme can be found here.

Webinar: Measurement Invariance with Categorical Indicators

Terrence Jorgensen hold a webinar about the nuts and bolts of measurement invariance with categorical indicators and about 25 researchers from all over the world joined. Let us know, if you’d be interested in joining future workshops!

Update 2022

I have been busy recently and couldn’t keep up with news recently, so they come in bulk! Measurement Invariance workshop We’re organising a workshop an measurement invariance testing in a CFA framework for categorical indicators with Terrence Jorgensen, who really is a capacity!

Conference contributions in Fall 2021

This years conference season is about to begin and I’d like to announce the following contributions our group makes: ISOQOL Felix Fischer, “Positive and negative predictive values for continuous test scores”, Brief Oral, on Demand